Friday, October 19, 2012

PPC Video Ads, Remarketing and Display Ads

Online advertising has taken on many subdivisions that are very important for the modern business owner to understand. There are many different types of advertising that are appropriate for different customers at different times in the sales funnel. Three of the most important types of advertising online are pay per click video ads, remarketing ads and display ads.

Although all of these different types of advertisements are somewhat related, they each have their own niche that can help to create a more effective online marketing campaign for a business when used correctly. Below are some of the advantages of using each type of advertising in your online marketing campaign, as well as a short explanation of what each type of advertising is.

One – Pay per click (PPC) video ads

You may notice that many videos today are running with little ads at the bottom. You may have even click on one of these ads and then taken to an outside website. These are known as pay per click video ads because the business that is advertising is paying for every customer that clicks on that ad at the bottom of the video.

What a business is hoping for are highly targeted customers that will be interested in the ad because the ad is related to the video somehow. Although this is not a perfect science, it is becoming more and more effective with each business cycle and is a definite strategy to employ if you have a target market that watches a great deal of online video.

Two – Remarketing ads

Remarketing is a relatively new analytic that measures and focuses on customers who have visited your site but did not convert for some reason. A remarketing campaign is a campaign that follows these customers around to their other online destinations and places ads for your company on those pages when it is appropriate.

Remarketing campaigns can actually "learn" where a potential customer is going and place ads in those places if there is a place for advertisements on the webpage. While some people do not like being followed around the Internet in this manner, remarketing has been shown to be a highly effective method for getting people to revisit a website and possibly convert.

Three – Display ads

A display ad is an umbrella description for any advertisement that is displayed on a website. However, display ads normally refer to large ads at the top of a webpage that are related to the web content in some way. Display ads are often more expensive than the other two types of advertisements mentioned here, but they are very effective at getting click through's when they are directed at the appropriate audience and websites.

In order to choose which type of advertisement is best for you, you must take stock of your target market. How do they behave online? What websites do they visit, and how do they like to be advertised to? All of these analytics are freely available within the auspices of the major search engines and social media hubs. You can also obtain this information directly from your customers by performing focus groups or handing out surveys online. Pay per click campaigns with multivariate tests included are also an effective way of seeing how customers react to certain keywords, phrases and pictures within your ads.

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