Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello friends , i am going to implement how to add html sitemap to blogger.
First i want to give brief description about HTML sitemap and XML sitemap.
HTML sitemap list the all hyperlinks of your blog/website. These links are listed in hierarchically and provide description for each link. A HTML sitemap make easy to navigate through website for visitors and google crawlers. The HTML Sitemap is mainly for humans. To create a new HTML Sitemap to your blog or website visit.

A XML sitemap list the urls of blog/website in a special format that is for search engine crawler. It allows webmaster to inform crawlers about our blog/website urls that help to index easily. XML sitemaps are mainly created for search engines not for humans. Submitting your XML sitemap for your blog/Website to google, yahoo, bing etc not only for indexing but it increase the visitors on our site.

Below are the images of how to add HTML sitemap to your blog
1. Type the url of your site and after crawling you found the code for your HTML sitemap.

You can customize the this sitemap according to you. Now open it in notepad and copy the code and paste in into your blog or website . Where you want to show it.
For a blogger Go to blog-> Design-> Add a gadget and then html/JavaScript option. like the image

Now save it and see your blog.

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