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How to make your Guest Post successful?

Guest posting refers to writing on someone's blog or website to direct the audience to your website. This technique is not normally used by the website owners. They think that by posting their articles on different websites they would actually work for the promotion of other websites.

But the reality is a bit different; you can make your website very successful by using the guest posts wisely. Here, we shall provide you some guidance for making your guest post successful.

Plan the Guest Post

The basic problem with many unsuccessful website owners is that they don’t plan the things. You need to establish the objectives you want to achieve through the guest posts. After establishment of the objectives, search out the blogs or websites where you want to post your articles.

While choosing the websites, make sure that they allow you to make guest post. Moreover, always choose a website which is relevant to the website you want to promote. Guest post of a medical website can never be successful on a music website.

Keywords instead of Back links

Some years a go the concept of back linking was very hit in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People used to create a back link to the home page of the website in their guest post and ask the people to click on it and go to the website for more details. It is proved to be very successful but there is a better concept in this framework.

You can choose the keywords which have been discussed in your website and write an article discussing those key words, than you can create a hyperlink of those key words. In this way, you can direct traffic to your website without expressively requesting the visitor to do this. It has at least ten times better response rate than the previous technique.

Make Your Site Attractive

One thing which should always be considered that if someone comes to your website once and doesn’t get what is required by him, he would not come again. So you should start guest posting only when you think that your website has become so attractive to glue up the visitors.

Keep in mind that the ultimate objective of guest post is that the visitor bookmark your website or remember it so that next time he comes directly to your website rather than through a guest post.

Don’t go Off the Topic

The content of the guest post should always be relevant to the contents of your website. For example, you are running a website of video games and you are making a guest post in a soccer website. Even if you use the word video games in it and create a hyperlink with your own website, your visitor is not likely to stay there for a long time.

Because what he was looking for was perhaps the Soccer news, he has nothing to do with the “Need for Speed” game you are offering on your website. So, you should target your audience, select a suitable website and contents for guest posting.

Select a Famous Website

Not all websites allow you to make guest posts, but you should only choose one which already has the quality stuff in it and whose ranking is better than you. The posts on the websites of better ranking are more likely to come on the first page in the search results. So more people read them and consequently directed to your website. If you would choose a website with lower ranking, you would actually benefit that website.

Follow the Guest Post

Some websites don’t publish the guest post published by you immediately; instead they give you a date by which the post will be published after review. You should follow your guest post as you will have to approve, reject and reply the comments posted on it. The comments are the feedback of your viewers so you should not take it for granted.

Don’t Publish the Post Twice

There are some basic rules of internet posting, one of them is that you should not copy paste the contents of anyone.

If you do it, your ranking starts falling in the search engine results. Moreover, there is also a possibility that the guest website would also black list your account. Similarly, if you post one article twice, it would have literally no benefit. In fact, search engine would not lift any of them in its search result due to this confusion.

The search engine optimization is a wide concept and guest posting is one of its tool. If you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you can actually make your Guest Post successful.

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