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How To Optimize a Website Best To Search Engines?

Hi everybody, How are you doing? After a long time once again i am going to share some personal experience and experiments those i thought should be implemented to improve search engine ranking. Today is the era of Google Panda and Penguin. Let us first discuss about these two enormous updates and then will come on conclusion what should be done for best web presence?

Google Panda:- According to various webmasters and articles written in famous search engine news and blogs like searchengineland, searchengineswatch etc Panda is named on the Google employ name Panday who invented the technique to fight with thin content. In Feb. 2011, Google announced it's enormous algorithm update that is Panda and that effected the more than 25% search queries that time. Google Panda is all about related to content of website, related website and linked website. If you have thin content, mean a content that is also published on other websites, blogs, articles, news or anywhere then you are a victim of Panda. If you have same content on different pages of website then for sure you will loose your website within search results.

Panda is the lover of fresh content and love the informative and user engaged data like content in comments, discussion forums and question answer websites like answers.yahoo.com, Quora.com, Ask.com, chacha.com, Answer.com, WikiAnswers.com etc. We can see the impact of participation on these website within some days.

I always think while doing participation on Q/A sites, what will be their impact on our website but once we get a reputed profile rank then we can leave our website link in the source or as a signature that will enhance our backlink profile.

Today we can't say that doing directory, bookmarking, article, press releases and other off page things can get us ranking for our keywords. No one knows the exact funda behind getting top search results for your keywords. But as per discussions and search engine guidelines if we continue to posting in our blog, news and announcement sections of website then we can rank higher than others.

So it is clear to understand that blog and news section is the foremost requirement of today seo. If you wish you build a career in seo then you can't avoid the importance of content in Internet marketing.

Penguin:- Google Penguin is another major update done by Giant search engine to prevent and penalize the web-masters using unethical methods like link building, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, hallway pages etc. At the time of penguin the most influence was on link building companies. Many link building companies shut down due to penguin update and many link builder got unemployed.

Link building is not finished at all but doing link building with most relevant and niche specific websites is become hard. Before penguin the rule of seo was to build backlinks from anywhere weather it is related to niche or not but after penguin the things are changed. Now the backlinks become two edged sword if you leave your website link to a spamming or low relevant website then you will get hit by penguin or any other google penalty.

So what should we can do in this situation to rank our keywords, to fetch the traffic from major search engines. How we can increase our ROI and how we can grow our sales to organic traffic? Does here anything that can be done beyond Pay Per Click to grow the sales and to rank the website on first page of search engine?

Internet marketing or search engine optimization is not the process of building backlinks rather it is the method of doing things according to search engine or to help a search engine to find our website. So i am going to share somethings and tips we can use to fetch traffic, to fetch search engine attention and sales.

  1. Build a simple and clean website instead of complicated one.
  2. Use as much as HTML can use to make it interactive.
  3. Use only fresh and unique content instead of lorum ipsum and copied content.
  4. Set titles accordingly because 50% impact will be of your title when search engines consider a website to show in search results.
  5. Use keywords in headlines, alt tags and subheadlines.
  6. Use long text for webpage content.
  7. Keep keyword density from 1 to 2 percent.
  8. Use inner pages too instead of fully focus on home page.
  9. It's mandatory to use blog, news section to update about product and services.
  10. Use structured data elements to specify the details to search engines.
  11. Validate website HTML/CSS with W3C validation code.
  12. Register website with search engine webmaster tools
  13. Keep tracking on website via Google analytics and other analytic tools
  14. Must put your phone number, business address on contact us and about pages.
  15. Use open graph protocols to build social meta tags.
  16. Must integrate with social media profiles like facebook, twitter, linkedin and Google Plus etc.
  17. Must use Google Author tag to verify the authorship of website.
  18. Must use canonical and pagination tags.
  19. Don't hesitate to do internal linking
  20. Don't hesitate to bold main keywords and headlines.
  21. Using Tool Tip for anchor texts will be great.

These are some on page aspects should be implemented for best optimization website. I would like to share off page things also those should be followed to rank among top results.

  1. Do major search engine submission.
  2. Do directory submission in relevant categories but start with domoz, yahoo directories.
  3. Do bookmarking of high PR and famous bookmarking websites and participate in them by voting, liking, commenting and subscribing.
  4. Write articles and publish on enormous article sites like ezine, self-growth etc.
  5. Participate in forums, Questions/Answers, blog comments etc.
  6. Do press releases distribution with high PR and good news publishing sites.
  7. Start doing blogging on word-press, tumbler, hub-pages, blogger etc.
  8. Utilize the approved links of articles, press releases and blogs by doing their directories and bookmarking.

We can't predict anything in SEO world but can do things accordingly to search engines. I always remember one favorite quote of Google while optimizing the website:-

“I love You If Visitors Love You”

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