Monday, February 18, 2013

The SEO World after the Google Penguin Attack

In April of 2012, the world of SEO changed. Some say it’s for the better. When all of the wrinkles are gone from the inception of the algorithm change that might well be the case. However, some legitimate businesses are having trouble keeping their ranking because they don’t fall in line with the new rules of the algorithm. However, some contest that they aren’t doing anything wrong and that there is an issue with the algorithm itself. Regardless, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that your site does not violate any of the webmaster guidelines set forth from Google.

Correcting Problems with Your Site for Penguin

What are some of the things that Penguin is looking for and punishing? Quality and keyword stuffing are two of the biggest offences. If you have poor quality content on your site, or content brimming with keywords used almost nonsensically, then it is easy to see where the problem lies. It also happens to be easy to correct those SEO problems. By writing content with a higher quality level and by using keywords smartly rather than liberally, it is possible to fix the site and maintain a better ranking.

Duplicate text is another problem that some sites might have. Even though you might believe that the content is different, it might have enough similarities that it shows up as duplicate. Even though there is certainly going to be some repetition with many different types of businesses and content, it has to be different enough that it shows as unique, and it should provide value for readers.

How Large is the Penguin Problem?

While many companies are fearing how much this is going to affect their ranking due to the stricter SEO requirements, it really isn’t as much of a widespread issue as some would have you believe. Estimates are that the Penguin update is affecting less than 0.1% of English language sites. Most businesses learned long ago that poor content isn’t going to help them, and neither will keyword stuffing. They remedied the problem long ago, so they aren’t affected.

The key to making sure that you play well with Google and your SEO tactics net you a good spot on the search engines is ensuring that you continue adding good content to your site. Use Premium wordpress themes that have SEO features in them. Add quality back links, and do not engage in Black Hat practices when it comes to marketing. Simply by following the rules Google has in place for their search engine, you can keep your ranking.

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