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Conversion Optimization: Why Will Machines Never Replace Marketers?

A big number of marketers from all over the world are convinced that amount of attendances of Web site is key component during its performance measurement. It is undoubtedly weighty achievement to have hundreds and even thousands of unique visitors. However, what is the sense of them if they do not turn into the customers? One may say, that your site is not visited at all.

Although marketers know that conversion is the main thing in their business, engaging in its optimization means simultaneously stressful and unbelievably accountable labor. Usually that marketer will achieve success, who immerses himself in statistics, speaks with clients and always experiments. However, not all marketers have enough time to be engaged in this sphere of Internet marketing. Hence, they prefer to invest resources into the devices of conversion optimization’s automation. Such procedure allows freeing the chart and contributing refinement of inflation according to the words of various services’ creators.

It is silly to oppose to technologies. You cannot do right analysis today without all of these instruments of statistics acceptance and platform for testing. Nevertheless, one can understand that technologies will never do your work instead of you. Value of CRO-experts will not disappear regardless of various software programs of conversion optimization, which will appear on the market in the nearest millennium.

What Is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion is usually regarded as set of certain system and methods directed to those moments in order to make target action on the page more attractive and desired from the side of visitors. Which can target actions be?

A click on the advertisement;
Preview of e-mail letter;
Loading of the application;
Filling of the online form;

The issue of marketer is to understand how one can gain the sum of target actions and generate suitably matched replacements into design or experience of interaction utilizing the statistics of special investigations and monitoring.

It should be membered that even narrow changes may contribute to the explosive growth of conversion in Internet commerce. This clarifies why conversion optimization may be specific gainful and profitable contribution regardless of the size of your company or occupied niche.

What Is The Real Purpose of Conversion Optimization?

The aim of conversion optimization is to improve the situation on the low levels of sales funnel. Optimization allows decreasing the outlay of client’s attraction with the help of blowing up of that value, which he is already of special interest to the company. Improving the coefficient of conversion, you solve at once two essential tasks:

Growth of the income’s size obtained from every visitor;
Growth of the total number of clients.

It is not difficult to understand that all of it lead to the growth of your commerce.

What Is The Structure Of Conversion Optimization?

For instance, your company has home page with monthly attendance in 2000 unique guests, coefficient of which is equal to 10 percent. This signifies that site creates monthly 200 clients. If you increased this indicator to the number of 15 percent, the sum of conversions in month would increase on hundred that is 50 percent.  Rewording, even insignificant changes (improvements) on the landing may contribute to the significant results.

As it was said above, conversion optimization is difficult business. Hence, common fear can restrain you from the start in this direction. Just imagine how many benefits you receive from even small growth of indicators in order to overcome the fear. Improve various things: from the color of buttons to the structure of navigational bar.

CRO Does Not Have Sense Without Impact Of Human

Instruments of conversion optimization play an important function during optimization in account of reaching of incredible efficiency. The most unlikely scenarios for you may result in not getting the expected results even after organization of good flow of visitors and overcoming of all difficulties. You can avoid them with the help of CRO-tools. Internet advertisement, allocation of references on the outside resources, search optimization, advertisement on the TV, social networking sites, E-mail marketing are the sources of information flow.  Guests, which pass all the stages of sales funnel, become the customers. Conversion optimization is essentially sales funnel’s optimization.
Works about the conversion optimization strongly burden Internet-retailers while usage of rental and independent resources of this process’s automation appreciably defuses. Functions of automation, expanded possibilities of split testing and creation of heatmaps help to grow the coefficient of conversion by times.

However, one problem exists: Conversion optimization consists of the multitude of various processes and actions, many of whom are impossible to optimize with the help of online services and software devices. You should not be afraid of such fact that programs will be able to replace humans. Qualitative conversion optimization is impossible without your own impact.

1. Detection of targeted audience. Right identification of targeted audience is essential moment in CRO. You will mark time without it and have no idea about such things as you send letters to the interested in your product person or not. It is essential to begin works about the optimization from the compilation of target customer’s portrait. It is such situation, when specialized applications and instruments will not help you at all. Sure, they provide you the most essential data, but it is only you, who can create realistic profiles of clients.

During the compilation of target customers’ portraits, you should answer on the next questions:

Why do people attend my site?
What are the requirements of your guests?
How can I satisfy their requirements?
With the help of which factors can you demonstrate the quality of your product for the customers?

Answering on these inquiries, you will be able to understand better, which conversions on home page will bring real benefit to your conversion.

2. SEO and optimization of the content. SEO and CRO are two sides of the same coin, neither Internet project will unlock its potential totally before it organizes the work in both spheres properly. SEO and conversion optimization must work together because it is the only way for maximizing the number of clients, increase of the conversion’s coefficient and degree of income.

What is the similarity of SEO and CRO?

Continuous process;
Both processes largely depend on the analysis of the data;
Long time of site’s loading negatively influences on the result of SEO’s work as also on a sum of conversions;
Difficult for perception information decreases efficiency both SEO and CRO.

You will not get conversions without flow of information and the best way to attract it is SEO.

Programs of optimization only can experiment the system and point on the problems, such as far too long loading of page or irrelevant content or structure of landing page. However, only you can make changes and correct the situation. Search optimization is impossible without the writing of unique content, creation of attractive headings, correct pointings of meta-data and structure changes. It will be better for you to do all these actions manually. Performance of such listed actions by the special program involves duplication of content and accomplishment of ridiculous mistakes’ set. Moreover, this, in its turn, may result in pessimization of your page and as result decrease of the inbound flow of information.

CRO is closely linked with SEO. First of all, give answers on the next questions:

Are problems with conversion, attraction of information flow present on your site?
From what does your traffic consist of? (Search engines, PPC-advertisement?)
What is the behavior of guest on your home page: do they browse the page after page or immediately leave the site after their loading on it? If they browse then conversion optimization is your best friend. If they leave then turn to SEO.

3. Realizing and interpretation of conversion’s aims.  Instruments of optimization assist you to collect information about the sources of traffic, number of unique users, degree of refusals and so on. However, this information will be useful only in that case if you know what to do with it. A big number of marketers is so engaged in monitoring of inbound information flow and the sum of likes and re-twits and ignore other information. This happens because they focus their attention on the statistics offered by the instruments of conversion optimization. You should focus attention on such aspects, which are really related to your approach of optimization. Determine changes, which play a big sense for you during the building of your strategy of conversion optimization

4. Creation of selling texts. Unfortunately, copywriting, especially selling copywriting, is one of the most problematic skills in mastering. The first step in creation of selling text is development of attractive exclusive selling proposition for target visitor. Exclusive selling proposition explains how your product can solve the problems of the clients. It also explains specific dignities of product and its competitive advantages. Exclusive selling proposition is the definition of your sphere of business and specialty of your product. Every organization differs from others with the unique dignities. However, not every organization knows how to highlight this uniqueness.

Definition of proposition is the start point for the activation of your trademark’s selling force and formation for the strategy of optimization. Programs of authorization and instruments of conversion optimization are not able to get results of such level.

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