Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Make a Website Search Engine Friendly?

Search engines are can be controlled on how they crawl and interpret the web content. A webpage does not mostly look the same to individuals as they look to a search engine. Below are specific technical aspects of modifying web pages so that they are structured to make the search engines friendly.

Provide visitors with the information they are searching for
Provide high-quality contents on your pages, most importantly your homepage. This is a simple but most vital thing to do. If your web pages contain useful information, it will entice webmasters to link to your website. In creating a useful, information-rich site, create pages that accurately and clearly describe your topic. Think deeply about the key words users are likely to type most frequently and include those keywords on your website.

Ensure that other sites link to yours
Links enable crawlers find website and can give sites greater visibility in the search engine searches. When providing results for a search engine, Google always uses sophisticated text-matching techniques which will display websites that are both relevant and important to each search. Only make use of natural links because they are useful for the ranking and indexing your website.

Create a website that is easily understood by the search engines
The website should make good use of up to date technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to limit the extent of formatting in the HTML code page. Make sure you remove the formatting and you are left only with pure content which search engines love and easily recognize.

Make your site easily accessible
Create your website with a link structure that is logical. Each and every page should be reached from at least a single static text link. Ensure you use a text browser, like Lynx, to assess your 4. Make navigation easy.

Create clear text links to all the parts of your website. Search engines does not follow image links or links that embedded in animations such as Flash, they get attracted to their navigation .

Track your progress with web analytics.
There are a whole lot of free options that one can use and most probably your content management system or web hosting service which already has reports and tracking of your website. Additionally, Google Analytics is easier to use and always provides a wealthy information that will be much useful in making your website much discoverable by search.

Content is King
Build great content and maintain it up to date. Develop a list of keywords and always create a good description for your website. The trick to creating a good site description is by making it as brief as possible, probably not more than 75 words. Pack your website with the most important keywords and make it appear like a single sentence. Always include this description at the top of your said home page. Do include your important keywords in the title of the website page and also in the name of the file.


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