Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Make Social Media Working for Your Blog?

Integration of social media to a blog is rapidly on the increase. Any blogger who does not integrate their blog with some social media platform(s) risks failure. This is because people are shifting interactions to social media platforms. Having social media integrated into your blog makes it easier for your readers to interact with you, and with each other in an environment where they feel comfortable. Other benefits that you will enjoy once you integrate social media with your blog are that you will be able to identify target groups easily, you will have an easier time positioning your brand, you gain more credibility, you will be able to carry out market research in an easier way and you are able to advertise to an increased number of people with greater success.

While carrying out the actual integration of social media with your blog, there are some basic things you do not want to forget such as remaining as simple and easy to access as possible. You can try getting social media apps that will do the work for your readers as long as they grant permissions. If you integrate social media into your blog and readers find it hard to use the social media plug-ins or links, they will quickly abandon trying and some may leave your readers’ community. Make the use of social media on your blog easy.

The second rule you should follow is to be relevant in your blog. You can also be posting some humor on the blog once in a while. Remaining relevant and credible will attract new readers to your blog and retain the old ones. If you thing that merely integrating social media to your blog will bring you the numbers, you are wrong. Your own effort is what earns you regular readers. Humor helps in relaxing the readers and can be used to voice differing opinions. A satirical comment or post reflecting on a blog post could easily do the trick for you.

Commenting is what makes a blog lively and fun for readers to interact as they share their thoughts and opinions about the posts you put on your blog. Make these posts relevant and emotionally appealing. Integration of your blog with social media should allow readers to comment via social media or on the blog. The comments get to be seen on the blog and on social media. This visibility will attract more readers and make your blog an interactive place where people can easily and freely share ideas. You should encourage commenting and feedback on your blog posts.

If you have any events that are live, put them on your blog and have people comment on what s happening. This mostly applies to blogs that belong to businesses and other organizations. If possible, you can have people shaping the way some things are done. Reading the comments on both social media and your blog as the event continues would be a great way to make everyone feel that they are part of your blog’s community.

Always be willing to adopt new trends after assessing them. it will not do you any good if you succeed in getting your social media pages and your blog functioning in synchrony yet you do not have the latest platforms and you do not keep up with the upcoming trends in the blogging world. You should as well continually make subjective and solution oriented assessments of your blog, its integration with social media and the benefits that come with integration. This will help you identify which areas you are not exploiting and keep you in check so that the social media part does not take over your blog.

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