Friday, August 30, 2013

How to write a great guest post?

Many people are now being convinced of the benefits that can arise from doing guest blogging activities. Guest blogging not only helps the guest blogger reach more people and promote his or her product, service or website to a different audience but also helps the website or blog accepting guest posts gain high quality content and build good and lasting relationships with guest bloggers. However, a lot of people seem to have problems when they do guest posts and often don’t make the most out of the guest blogging activities. Therefore, here are some of the most important things that guest bloggers have to consider and take note of in order for them to create great guest posts that work!

1. Take note of the website or blog where you will post.

The website or blog where you will post your guest article should be taken into consideration first before you even start writing. First, you have to make sure that the blog or website has a good reputation and an acceptable traffic. Next, you must see to it that the blog’s audience is appropriate or will be interested in your product, service, or website that you will be promoting.

Afterwards, take some time to look at the posts that are currently written in the blog or website. Take note of the style, tone, and the range of topics that are usually talked about. It’s also best if you read the blog or website’s most popular posts and see how people or the readers are reacting to it by reading the comments. Use this as your basis or model for writing your guest post. See to it that the style and topic will be of interest to the readers and that they would find time to read it even if it is a guest post. The bottom line is that your post must not be too different from the rest of the articles present in that website and must be able to blend in and comparable enough to the best articles ever written in that website or blog.

2. Take note of the blog or website’s audience.

After you have analyzed the blog or website you then have to take a look at the people reading the website. You must be able to identify what they like and don’t like. Remember that your goal is to reach these people and make them your readers as well. Analyze the reasons why they are visiting that website or blog where you are going to do the guest post and apply it to your own strategy. However, you must also be careful not to be too similar to the website or blog where you will do the guest posts because this will make the impression that you have nothing different or new to offer them, resulting for them not bothering to take a look at your website or even consider your product or service.

3. Focus on your writing style.

Make it to a point that you showcase your unique writing style to the readers when you do guest blogging. It’s important that they recognize or distinguish your writing and find your topic interesting enough for them to visit your own website. Talk about interesting topics but also at the same time give the readers the feeling of wanting more of the kind of stuff that you have written. When readers feel like they want to see more of you inevitably they will visit and become regular readers of your website. Remember to always provide high quality and interesting guest posts because these represent your websites to other people and these guest posts are your ticket to success as well.

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