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What is the Right Procedure for Doing the Directory Submission?

After the Penguin update, Google has changed the whole concept of SEO link building, link posting and keywords strategies. But in-spite of all these changes, their has been one off line optimization strategy that has remained unchanged from many years and that strategy is 'Directory Submission'. This in fact has been the only strategy which is indirectly recommended by the search engines to achieve the much wished targets. Along with this strategy it is important for you to follow some more tricks which in general include on site SEO, improving the content quality, modifying META descriptions and optimizing the over all speed of the web pages. At the same time, when it comes to improving the Off site optimization then directory submission remains one of the sole strategy that is considered universally valid by all the search engines.

What Matt Cutt says about Directory Submission?

In this line, we can quote some parts of conversation between Google's Matt Cutts and Debra of Linkspeil.Com. According to Matt Cutts “Google doesn't counts directory submission amongst the apt optimization gimmicks, but it defines it as a single SEO strategy. During a talk with Debra he said that directory submission gets selected as the most effective SEO trick by default. For an instance when you make quality directory submissions and those directories start meeting the Google's criteria then it is sure that no one in the world can stop you from achieving the expected rankings.
In fact, it is very well understood by the SEO experts as well that Google has its own parameters to figure out the over all credibility of the directories and alter on give prioritize them is search engine listings accordingly. That's why as the word of caution various SEO guidelines have been coined by search engine analysts which could further play a constructive role in filtering the quality directory lists from the unnecessary or defunct directory submission lists.

All together, the factors or say guidelines which can help you in selecting the right directory lists are as follows:

Process For Selecting the Best Directories

Avoid Using Same IP Address

You should restrict yourself from choosing all those directories having same similar IP address. There are many IP checker tools in the market which can easily be downloaded and can further be used to check the IP network duplicability.

Refrain Yourself From Using Similar Script Foot Prints

You should further refrain yourself from using the same script footprints or templates. For an instance PHP LD directories.

Properly Utilize the Manual Review Procedures

You should try to include only those directories supported by the manual review procedure.

Make Submissions on Quality Directories

You should try to select those directories only on which the quality sites are published. The search engines would love to chose those directories which have established an authenticity for themselves.

Avoid Submission on Banned Directories

You as the SEO should thoroughly check the Google index if the directories are banned or not. This initiative will save you from getting your website listed on the banned directories.

Avoid Using Automated Software for Submissions

You can avoid using the automated software for submitting your site to these directories. This action may be time saving but for the long term it may push down your site rankings.

What's the Solution?

Every software development company which has been offering the web development and SEO services from many years were compelled to introduce changes in their project management strategies. Panda and Penguin updates done by the Google search engine were the main reasons which forced the developers to change their over all strategy and think of implementing the schemes which could easily sustain the up-gradation process carried by the search engines. Hence as the result of the brain storming with the SEOs and web developers, a few solutions were put forward by global agencies which could play a constructive role in optimizing the search results. These solutions were generally related to the procedures for doing the directory submissions, link building processes, implementing changes in the web development process and other tricks pertinent to the internet marketing.

Several Domains Where You can Submit Directory Submissions

*Regional Directories
*Nation Specific Directories
*Organization Profile Directories
*Directories that Permit Inner Page Links to list your about us page and other company profile page.
*Chose Blog Directories to Push Your Site Rankings
*Use RSS and Blog Feeds etc.

Improvement in the Web Structure By improving the HTML or CSS codes , the developers can further make the websites SEO friendly.

All together by following the above mentioned solutions, you can get most surely get the best results.

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