Friday, February 17, 2012

What is Seo and Its Scope In India?

This time i am not going to post websites or tools that are related to Search engine optimization process. Today i am going to point my views on "What is Search Engine Optimization" and Its scope in India.

If you are reading this post that means you know the term SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Search engine optimization is the process of getting up a website in the search results with its relevant queries. For example if we search for "Black shoes" in Google then Google show us millions of webpage, among them only ten websites are shown on first page of Google while others are shown on inner pages. This all due to the indexing system of search engines. Each search engine show the results from its indexing database.
If a website is exist then it will be show in its search results otherwise not. Check with site: operator to know is your website indexed or not? If it show the results that means you are indexed otherwise not.

It is the basic working idea of search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of help a website to get up in search results. If your website is indexing at high level in the database of search engines then it will be show in high search results.

The main thing is, how to getup a site at high level in indexing of search engine? This is a long and very hard working process to attain a high position in search engine results. A search engine like Goolge use the 200 signals while showing results for search queries. The main points for that it looks are Page Range, Backlinks, Contents, Meta tags etc. It is the basic idea of a search engine working. Always remember one thing while optimizing a website that you are working for search engines to make your website more friendly with its algorithms. .

Let come on the point of Scope of Seo in India. If we check the statics of last few years then we see that SEO growing very rapidly. Lets give a look on America shopping stores. There is almost stores are online and a person need to buy biscuit, he/she search it online and order from there. The same trend is coming in India with high speed, In last few years Indian online stores are opened and running successfully. As a result the need of Search engine optimizer's increase to doing marketing for them. These days many big organizations like HCL etc also started to provide the SEO Services.

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