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How To Set Up Goals and Funnels In Google Analytic?

Google Analytic's is a webmaster tool that help webmaster to know the results for site.
Know more about Google Analytic's by Googlize it. I am going to post how to set up Goals in Google Analytic's. Setting goals mean, Having knowledge of ROI (Return on Investment). Goal conversion mean when a visitor turn into customer. For tracking how much visitors turned into customers, goals are used. Read more About Goal Conversion from Google Anaytic's Support Center. Follow the below steps to set up goals.

1. Log In To Google Analytic.
2. Open dashboard for site that is going to setting up with goals.
3. Click on Goals in right side as showed in image.

4. Click on "Add Goal button" then a new window open. Create Goal Name " so you can easily identify it". Like you are creating a goal conversion for contact us page then assign it "Contact us" to identify.

5. Click on "Active Goal" Radio Button "ON" mode
6. Goal Position is the number of Goals you set and what is the position of current goal.
7. Goal Type - There are three options

I. URL Destination
II. Time on Site
III. Page/Visits

This mean, the type of your goal or you can set three types of goals. Below the brief description of these three types: -

URL Destination: - It means when a user reach on the specified URL then this type of Goal it completed like you set a Goal for /About.html page, if a user click on About.html page then Your Goal is completed.
Time on site: - When a user spend a particular time as you set in Goal while creating this type of Goal then this Goal Completed like you set a Goal if a visitor spend 3 minutes on site.
Page/Visits: - This mean when a user visits the minimum number of pages that you specified in your Goals, like you set a Goal if a visitor visit 2 pages.

Now choose 1 of them, we go with URL Destination, when we click on URL Destination option, page expands below with title "Goal Details:-

1. The first one is "Match Type" and its Text button show three options

i. Head Match
ii. Exact Match
iii. Regular Expression Match

Goal URL Match Types: - The match type defines how GA identifies a Goal/Funnel

i. Head Match:- Its mean when a particular word of URL visited then this is counted like your set ..../offer/....
Its mean there is something behind the offer/.. page.

ii. Exact Match: - This Goal is counted only if the exact URL is visited. like .../offer/signup.html. I Recommend for Exact Match type Goal.

iii. Regular Expression Match:- Regular expressions are the marks like * or . etc. Like if we can set a Goal /*/signup.html. This mean if a visitor visits /offer/signup.html or /offer1/signup.html these are counted as Goals.

So Give the Exact Type of Match Type, Now move further
2. Goal URL:- Now give the url of page for what you want to create Goal like i created a goal for, Here is no need to give full url just type the page url like /about-me.html.
3. Case Sensitive :- Case sensitive mean, matching for the character of url like we set a url in small character but a visitor visit our site with capital letters URL. So if you think you Goal URL is different for both types then check it otherwise leave it blank.
4. Goal Value:- Goal Value mean how much you earn or how much value of this Goal.

Now Give a little smile because your Goal is set and You did it.

But it not finish the Goal conversion at all.
As see in your page a further button calling "Funnels" stand still. So what you think go through that, I am here to help you.

Funnels:- Funnels mean a process from which a user or visitor visits your target page. For example - A visitor enter into your website with home page and then seen your site is interesting. He like to read more from there. Now he/she go to next page of your site and then next page and then your targeted page. So this process is called Funnel.
Like i set a funnel for /about-me.html page, the path i give to my funnel is home-page->about-me.html.
Now click on "yes i add a funnel"
step 1 : - Give the URL of page from your want to come. As shown in Image of Chart.
Name it like you want to come from home page, then name home page. So like this you can add as many pages as you want.

Now click on Save Goal. You Goal is saved. You created your First Goal congrats. After clicking on Save Goal you come back to Edit profile page where the page of your Goal is displayed under Goals Section.

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