Friday, June 17, 2011

How to change the public url for Facebook and Linked

Customize your public urls for facebook or linked to specific. I am going to share some tips with the help you can customize your facebook porfile url as "" this is my profile , like this you can make your.
1. Sign In to your facebook or Linked in Account.
2. Now go to edit profile option into linked in and click on edit profile url as shown in image.

Now click on Customize your public url

Now set your profile name " What your want to show" then click on ok

The same process for facebook username as below->
1. Go to your facbook account and then open the username page as->

Now set your profile name that you want to show

If this is available then this is set like this otherwise choose other.

Now enjoy these social media urls with your names. Have a great day.
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