Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to promote your facebook fanpage

 Try the following tips for promoting your facebook fan page.
1.Using facebook apps
2.Suggest friends to join the facebook fan page.
3.Link your facebook url to your twetter a/c.
4.Through chatting send link of facebook page to people.
5.Ads our facebook fan page on various social sites.
6.Invite yours email contact to join facebook fan page.
7.Offer free incentives to poeople to like your facebook fan page.
8.Blog about your facebook fan page.
9.Add facebook url at the end of blog posting.
10.Create article and post it in your facebook fan page -notes sections.
11. Create an offers for your facebook fan pages member which encourage others to join it.
12.Through sms.
13.Promotes your facebook fan page with questions and comments features(organise contest)
14.Submit yours facebook page url on social network directories.
15.Place the LiKE box at the top of your facebook site.
16. Create a facebook like box to add to your blog or websites.
17.Allow photo tagging to your facebook fan page member and aknowledgement the new member.
18.Encourag user participation in your facebook.
19.Add your facebook url to your:
SWOM profile
Google place listing
Hubb pages profile
Google knol account
LinkedIn profile
business directory company profiles.
20.Creates poll & survey on your facebook page.
21.Add your facebook url on bussiness card.
22.Every email send to people is an opportunity to send a link of our fan page .
23.Regular updation of facebook fan page also neccesary which shows that your company is current and active.
24.Create an online competition so that user entered in it must like your page.
25.Article making and use your facebook url in the aurthor box.
26.Digg your facebook fan page.

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