Monday, April 18, 2011

Shutdown PC with Mobile Phone

Hello Friends ,

Now i am going to tell you how to shutdown your Pc with mobile phones.

You have following things before doing this:
1 outlook and email address of gmail
2 A "Kwiry" account
3 A text capable cell

Step1:- Creating "Shutdown.bat" file

Open Notepade:

Write C:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00 and save it in same drive where your window installed , mostly window installed in C: drive so save it with the name of shutdown.bat.

Step 2:

Get a POP3 Capable email account : mean create an gmail account.

Step 3: Setup microsoft outlook :

Open outlook go to tool menu and open email address option from there

Now an window is open choose Add a new email account option.

click on next
Choose POP3 option and click next
Now an window open write there your username and password and other details as below
write user username of email address: username
Address : email address write here

Now on Incoming POP3 write:
On outgoing smtp write:

your username : Your username
Password : your password
Go to more setting button and click on it..
Now an window open in General menu write
Go to Outgoing menu and check my outgoing server(SMTP)
choose an option of same setting as my incoming mail server.
Now go to advanced menu
write on the side of incoming server(POP3): 995
check the this server requires an encrypted connection
check this server require an encrypted connection

Check the leave a copy of messages on the server

clik ok
click on next button
click on finish button

Step 4 sign up for "Kwiry account"
Open internet browser and open kwiry website
Read instruction their and make an account on that site.

Step 5

Set up a rule in outlook for that open outlook go to tool menu open send and receive messages
An window will open
check there include this group in send/receive(f9)
check schedule an automatic (read/receive) every set time to 1 mintue
click on close button
click on tools menu and select rules and alerts
choose new rules
choose the option of start from a blank rule
check message when they arrive
click on next
now check the with specific words in the subject
click on specific words and in step2 : type your kwiry-shutdown
click on add button and then click on next button
now check the start application in the same window and click on applications

in step2: open an file with type of all file*.*
open from my computer/c/shutdown.bat
click on next and click on finish
apply and ok
step 6:

send an message from your cell
To 59479
type shutdown
After message send your pc will be automatically shut down hope this trick will be help you to shutdown your pc from anywhere .

if you like this trick then leave an comment and also suggestion for improvement.

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