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Conversion Optimization: Why Will Machines Never Replace Marketers?

A big number of marketers from all over the world are convinced that amount of attendances of Web site is key component during its performance measurement. It is undoubtedly weighty achievement to have hundreds and even thousands of unique visitors. However, what is the sense of them if they do not turn into the customers? One may say, that your site is not visited at all.

Although marketers know that conversion is the main thing in their business, engaging in its optimization means simultaneously stressful and unbelievably accountable labor. Usually that marketer will achieve success, who immerses himself in statistics, speaks with clients and always experiments. However, not all marketers have enough time to be engaged in this sphere of Internet marketing. Hence, they prefer to invest resources into the devices of conversion optimization’s automation. Such procedure allows freeing the chart and contributing refinement of inflation according to the words of various services’ creators.

It is silly to oppose to technologies. You cannot do right analysis today without all of these instruments of statistics acceptance and platform for testing. Nevertheless, one can understand that technologies will never do your work instead of you. Value of CRO-experts will not disappear regardless of various software programs of conversion optimization, which will appear on the market in the nearest millennium.

What Is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion is usually regarded as set of certain system and methods directed to those moments in order to make target action on the page more attractive and desired from the side of visitors. Which can target actions be?

A click on the advertisement;
Preview of e-mail letter;
Loading of the application;
Filling of the online form;

The issue of marketer is to understand how one can gain the sum of target actions and generate suitably matched replacements into design or experience of interaction utilizing the statistics of special investigations and monitoring.

It should be membered that even narrow changes may contribute to the explosive growth of conversion in Internet commerce. This clarifies why conversion optimization may be specific gainful and profitable contribution regardless of the size of your company or occupied niche.

What Is The Real Purpose of Conversion Optimization?

The aim of conversion optimization is to improve the situation on the low levels of sales funnel. Optimization allows decreasing the outlay of client’s attraction with the help of blowing up of that value, which he is already of special interest to the company. Improving the coefficient of conversion, you solve at once two essential tasks:

Growth of the income’s size obtained from every visitor;
Growth of the total number of clients.

It is not difficult to understand that all of it lead to the growth of your commerce.

What Is The Structure Of Conversion Optimization?

For instance, your company has home page with monthly attendance in 2000 unique guests, coefficient of which is equal to 10 percent. This signifies that site creates monthly 200 clients. If you increased this indicator to the number of 15 percent, the sum of conversions in month would increase on hundred that is 50 percent.  Rewording, even insignificant changes (improvements) on the landing may contribute to the significant results.

As it was said above, conversion optimization is difficult business. Hence, common fear can restrain you from the start in this direction. Just imagine how many benefits you receive from even small growth of indicators in order to overcome the fear. Improve various things: from the color of buttons to the structure of navigational bar.

CRO Does Not Have Sense Without Impact Of Human

Instruments of conversion optimization play an important function during optimization in account of reaching of incredible efficiency. The most unlikely scenarios for you may result in not getting the expected results even after organization of good flow of visitors and overcoming of all difficulties. You can avoid them with the help of CRO-tools. Internet advertisement, allocation of references on the outside resources, search optimization, advertisement on the TV, social networking sites, E-mail marketing are the sources of information flow.  Guests, which pass all the stages of sales funnel, become the customers. Conversion optimization is essentially sales funnel’s optimization.
Works about the conversion optimization strongly burden Internet-retailers while usage of rental and independent resources of this process’s automation appreciably defuses. Functions of automation, expanded possibilities of split testing and creation of heatmaps help to grow the coefficient of conversion by times.

However, one problem exists: Conversion optimization consists of the multitude of various processes and actions, many of whom are impossible to optimize with the help of online services and software devices. You should not be afraid of such fact that programs will be able to replace humans. Qualitative conversion optimization is impossible without your own impact.

1. Detection of targeted audience. Right identification of targeted audience is essential moment in CRO. You will mark time without it and have no idea about such things as you send letters to the interested in your product person or not. It is essential to begin works about the optimization from the compilation of target customer’s portrait. It is such situation, when specialized applications and instruments will not help you at all. Sure, they provide you the most essential data, but it is only you, who can create realistic profiles of clients.

During the compilation of target customers’ portraits, you should answer on the next questions:

Why do people attend my site?
What are the requirements of your guests?
How can I satisfy their requirements?
With the help of which factors can you demonstrate the quality of your product for the customers?

Answering on these inquiries, you will be able to understand better, which conversions on home page will bring real benefit to your conversion.

2. SEO and optimization of the content. SEO and CRO are two sides of the same coin, neither Internet project will unlock its potential totally before it organizes the work in both spheres properly. SEO and conversion optimization must work together because it is the only way for maximizing the number of clients, increase of the conversion’s coefficient and degree of income.

What is the similarity of SEO and CRO?

Continuous process;
Both processes largely depend on the analysis of the data;
Long time of site’s loading negatively influences on the result of SEO’s work as also on a sum of conversions;
Difficult for perception information decreases efficiency both SEO and CRO.

You will not get conversions without flow of information and the best way to attract it is SEO.

Programs of optimization only can experiment the system and point on the problems, such as far too long loading of page or irrelevant content or structure of landing page. However, only you can make changes and correct the situation. Search optimization is impossible without the writing of unique content, creation of attractive headings, correct pointings of meta-data and structure changes. It will be better for you to do all these actions manually. Performance of such listed actions by the special program involves duplication of content and accomplishment of ridiculous mistakes’ set. Moreover, this, in its turn, may result in pessimization of your page and as result decrease of the inbound flow of information.

CRO is closely linked with SEO. First of all, give answers on the next questions:

Are problems with conversion, attraction of information flow present on your site?
From what does your traffic consist of? (Search engines, PPC-advertisement?)
What is the behavior of guest on your home page: do they browse the page after page or immediately leave the site after their loading on it? If they browse then conversion optimization is your best friend. If they leave then turn to SEO.

3. Realizing and interpretation of conversion’s aims.  Instruments of optimization assist you to collect information about the sources of traffic, number of unique users, degree of refusals and so on. However, this information will be useful only in that case if you know what to do with it. A big number of marketers is so engaged in monitoring of inbound information flow and the sum of likes and re-twits and ignore other information. This happens because they focus their attention on the statistics offered by the instruments of conversion optimization. You should focus attention on such aspects, which are really related to your approach of optimization. Determine changes, which play a big sense for you during the building of your strategy of conversion optimization

4. Creation of selling texts. Unfortunately, copywriting, especially selling copywriting, is one of the most problematic skills in mastering. The first step in creation of selling text is development of attractive exclusive selling proposition for target visitor. Exclusive selling proposition explains how your product can solve the problems of the clients. It also explains specific dignities of product and its competitive advantages. Exclusive selling proposition is the definition of your sphere of business and specialty of your product. Every organization differs from others with the unique dignities. However, not every organization knows how to highlight this uniqueness.

Definition of proposition is the start point for the activation of your trademark’s selling force and formation for the strategy of optimization. Programs of authorization and instruments of conversion optimization are not able to get results of such level.

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5 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps Boost Your Website Traffic

Businesses are now learning to join the trend of publishing content via the use of a website. However, recent surveys show that creation and updating of your own website only help a little to boost your profits and make your business known.

What you need now is to build your audience base and do your best efforts to increase traffic to your websites. In today’s digital age, driving traffic to your websites is possible with the help of social media. The share functionality of social media can be used to your advantage. Now, how can social media marketing really help boost your website traffic?

Boosting Website Traffic Through Social Media Marketing

Recent reports reveal that the major driver for website traffics is social media marketing. Figures even reveal that back in 2014, there was a significant increase of 31.24% as compared to 2013’s 22.71%.

Social referrals are being used heavily than referrals from searches. If you are a marketer hoping for an increase in revenue, then investing in social media can help you achieve your goal. The number one choice of individuals nowadays is Facebook. Facebook’s traffic share expanded by almost 60% in a span of one year (December 2013 to December 2014).

It might sound interesting and encouraging; however, it is important to note that social media engagement is a complex endeavor. This holds true, especially if you are trying to limit your budget. You have to also think about the ability of social media to entice people and drive traffic to your site. To make it simple, the larger your social media presence is, the more traffic you can expect to your website.

The Strategies in Boosting Website Traffic Through Social Media Marketing

The characteristics mentioned above are the main rules accompanying social media marketing which you can achieve by doing the following tips:

1. You have to learn that each social network is unique from the other.

Nonetheless, the most important characteristics that you have to possess for a successful social media marketing is to ensure the following:

You must be ready 24/7 for your customers.
You have to take care of your brand loyalists.
You have to nurture potential buyers.

2. Remember to have striking content

Moreover, content is also important so that you can build a reputable brand. First impressions are vital. Along with content, you have to provide better visuals that your audience would appreciate. Social media posts with better images achieve higher engagement than plain text posts.

About 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if there are visual contents like pictures, video posts, or product demos. Reading texts usually makes it hard for them to engage with your post.

Your visual posts can significantly impact your profits. The best visuals are those that can stand out among the competition; those that can speak about you deeply; those that tell stories and how amazing is your product. Hence, visuals must be well-planned and not just mere photographs that you took in a second.

3. Remember to have your content easily shared

For a successful social media marketing, Your content should also be easy to share. In a world where most people are mobile dependent, use of social media plugins compatible with mobile devices is a must. Nearly 50% of online content is being accessed through the use of a mobile device. However, it is not enough that you put social media buttons, you have to locate them strategically in your design. If you distract your readers, they might just opt to leave your page - making you lose a chance to have a sales lead.

4. Remember to employ SEO techniques

It would also be helpful if you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) practices. Social media marketing can be more successful if you integrate the best SEO practices into your content. or you can hire seo company india to help you rank higher in search engine rankings. Remember with SEO, you are like hitting two birds with one stone, which are: helping you drive traffic to your website and also increase your ranking which can affect buyer persuasion. Search results can impact the buying decision of the public.

5. Remember to follow a calendar

Nonetheless, social media marketing has its own set of guidelines that you need to follow. One of these is to ensure that you follow a social media calendar to avoid bombarding your audience with repetitive content. It will help if you build a concrete and tactical schedule regarding your publishing habits.

How Effective Social Media Marketing Can Convert into Website Traffic

If you would ask if sharing content multiple times is fine, as long as it gives you better results and can trigger strong reactions, then it is fine to do the practice. At the moment, there are no reported complaints yet with regards to multiple sharing of contents. People rarely notice that you have been sharing content several times. In fact, sharing more than once is one way for your audience to see the updates and be reminded of your online presence.

To make sure that your use of social media marketing really works, you have to take heed of the above-mentioned tips. To be competitive in this world where e-commerce rules a big chunk of the market, putting the right strategy and social media marketing ploy can mean an increase in the level of brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions and most especially, gain a high level of customer engagement and loyalty. This, in turn, can mean so much for your business growth.

Finally, to gauge the effectiveness of your social media marketing, you have to always monitor your results. This is to ensure that the strategies you employ really work.

Author Bio:

Katherine Lane is a content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on social media marketing. With her expertise, she is sure to understand what a business needs and harness her social media marketing skills incorporating the Buy Real Marketing services

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Easy Ways You Can Turn Social Media Marketing Into Success

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media proved to be more than just a platform for communication nowadays. With billions of internet users and people with social media accounts, entrepreneurs acknowledge the vast opportunities social media marketing can bring to their business. Investing on branding goal through steady online presence is what most of the businesses are engaging now.

Business Success through Social Media
To expand your enterprise and raise awareness on your brand, here are easy ways that you can do:

1. Set your goals
Every plan is useless without objectives and guiding principles. Companies engaging in online marketing usually aim for the following:
  •  Create brand culture and identity
  •  Boost traffic to the website
  •  Provide feedback to customers
  •  Attract people to purchase

2. Utilize appropriate social networks

You may feel that social media marketing means using all social networks available. However, a wise advice would be to be choosy. Select the platform suitable to your business goals and strategy. You also need to consider your business type, location, and target people.

3. Provide attractive content

Netizens today tend to be picky when it comes to the content that lures them. Make sure that videos, images, and texts you post are relevant, engaging, and short. Take note that the number of responses does not guarantee great content if your post does not align to your brand. Always balance business and popularity.

4. Be consistent and responsive

Social media marketing is not only about selling and advertising. It is also about frequent online presence that provides a responsive environment to the customers. Create a plan on what to post and how often you post, then stick to it.

5. Utilize paid advertising

Paid advertising choice is present in every social media. With its simple platform, anyone can utilize it. Freedom to select target customer's specification like age, location, profession and others is given. Ads and campaigns with image video is also available for more customer engagement or you can hire white label facebook ads agency

Money-making through Social Media
Generating money online is now one of the most convenient ways of earning. Social media marketing offers big chances of transforming your time online into money. Here are some steps anyone can try:

1. Promote your music and art

Got good beats and jingles? Sites like SoundCloud is a suitable place to upload your own composition and get noticed. Get immediate downloads by linking your SoundCloud to your social media accounts.

You can also exhibit your artworks in sites like Tumblr and Instagram. If you can gain good responses, you can sell merchandise and prints in online stores such as Big Cartel or Etsy. Freelance writing and e-book selling are also a hit nowadays.

2. Generate money with your photos and videos

Your inkling to photography can bring you money. Original photos promoted through sites like Flickr, iStockphoto, and Shutterstock can turn into payments with interested people.

Social media marketing has invested to videos for more follows and likes. Creating viral videos on YouTube can earn yourself revenue. You can get side income by engaging in YouTube Partner Program which installs ads and campaigns at the beginning of the videos.

3. Manage social media

If you are good in getting people notice you through social networks, then you must try being a social media manager. Companies can hire you to manage marketing ads online and design social media strategies.

Saving a Struggling Social Media Marketing
When your efforts of building a steady social media marketing campaign seem to be frustrating, there are strategic ways to turn it all around.

1. Track metrics
Tracking social media metrics is significant in knowing what to improve. See to it that your time of posting is aligned to the moment that your target customers are also online. This ensures that your posts are liked and followed.

2. Evaluate audience growth rate
If your audience population is not growing, there is something wrong with your marketing strategies.

3. Improve rapport with audience
Being able to answer customers’ queries and respond to their feedback and opinions matter a lot in enticing people to purchase your product and avail your services. Hence, be more responsive and conversational.

4. Be more visual
Visual content attracts more users; thus, they are shared on social media more than other types of contents.

Possibilities are endless in social media marketing. Find your niche and be successful now!

Author Bio

Jessica T. Winder understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she creates and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

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5 Tools Everyone in the TWITTER FOLLOWER Industry Should Be Using

Many companies are now turning from one social tool to another in order to reach out to a specific audience. This refers to the kind of audience that the online industry is relying on so that they can reach an array of the company’s products and services. Using a social tool like Twitter allows the distribution of information to reach each and every Twitter follower. Here are a few tools that everyone in any Twitter follower industry should consider using.

Long links can take up a lot of characters, which can be a problem for Twitter whose characters are limited. If anyone needs to shorten those links, it is recommended to use Not only that, but it saves a lot of time by sharing these shorter versions of links to more than one account. Through, individuals can make customized domains that match for their company. This personal touch creates trust among any Twitter follower.
Hootsuite is another favorite tool used by the online industry. If a company uses more than one social media, Hootsuite allows its users to manage them instead of having to open them individually. By doing it this way, it saves a lot of time and effort that can be used somewhere else in a more productive way. Not only is it easy and convenient, it is a single platform that allows you to access all of the social network channels that the company is in.
Another popular social tool used in the online industry is BufferApp. Instead of flooding every single Twitter follower with interesting and relevant news that one finds every minute, this tool allows the user to send these links in accordance to a schedule. This is important so that followers won’t get annoyed with overloading of tweets at a single time. The user can set up a particular schedule based on time to evenly distribute such information.

SocialBro is another social tool that companies can invest on. This is because its users can analyze critical data and assessment towards a path of making important decisions that can enhance any marketing strategy. SocialBro reaches out to a target audience that is vital for any company. It attracts potential clients and customers.
Another powerful tool that can be added to the list is Twitterfeed. Shared quality content can be viewed by the audience over multiple social networks. After users have distributed the content, statistics can be tracked and monitored. This way, users can analyze which content is popular among the audience so that users know what kind of content to look for in the future when the need arises.

All of these social tools can be used in the online industry in order to boost and promote a particular business to an audience who is in need of such product or service. These are meant to be used for long term measures so that companies can watch as they progress or bounce back after a series of downfalls. A combination of marketing strategies as mentioned earlier are important in order to reach the company’s goals.

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How to Make a Website Search Engine Friendly?

Search engines are can be controlled on how they crawl and interpret the web content. A webpage does not mostly look the same to individuals as they look to a search engine. Below are specific technical aspects of modifying web pages so that they are structured to make the search engines friendly.

Provide visitors with the information they are searching for
Provide high-quality contents on your pages, most importantly your homepage. This is a simple but most vital thing to do. If your web pages contain useful information, it will entice webmasters to link to your website. In creating a useful, information-rich site, create pages that accurately and clearly describe your topic. Think deeply about the key words users are likely to type most frequently and include those keywords on your website.

Ensure that other sites link to yours
Links enable crawlers find website and can give sites greater visibility in the search engine searches. When providing results for a search engine, Google always uses sophisticated text-matching techniques which will display websites that are both relevant and important to each search. Only make use of natural links because they are useful for the ranking and indexing your website.

Create a website that is easily understood by the search engines
The website should make good use of up to date technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to limit the extent of formatting in the HTML code page. Make sure you remove the formatting and you are left only with pure content which search engines love and easily recognize.

Make your site easily accessible
Create your website with a link structure that is logical. Each and every page should be reached from at least a single static text link. Ensure you use a text browser, like Lynx, to assess your 4. Make navigation easy.

Create clear text links to all the parts of your website. Search engines does not follow image links or links that embedded in animations such as Flash, they get attracted to their navigation .

Track your progress with web analytics.
There are a whole lot of free options that one can use and most probably your content management system or web hosting service which already has reports and tracking of your website. Additionally, Google Analytics is easier to use and always provides a wealthy information that will be much useful in making your website much discoverable by search.

Content is King
Build great content and maintain it up to date. Develop a list of keywords and always create a good description for your website. The trick to creating a good site description is by making it as brief as possible, probably not more than 75 words. Pack your website with the most important keywords and make it appear like a single sentence. Always include this description at the top of your said home page. Do include your important keywords in the title of the website page and also in the name of the file.


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How to cope trickily with More Competition in Online Marketing

Online promoting is all concerning connecting together with your potential customers United Nations agency dwell over the net. Although several businesses appear to be victimization it to draw in customers nevertheless most of them fail to try to therefore. However with the ways given below, you may actually find yourself creating an honest distinction in your on-line promoting efforts.

• Go for a lot of cohesive promoting campaigns

Most of the companies their net promoting drives sort of a strong hurly burly list while not truly having any long or short term strategic thinking. They solely apprehend to try to variety of things to be administered for his or her on-line activities, however, they're still not terribly positive concerning the items, that are making an attempt to realize or the ways that these activities are reaching out there. The simplest approach is to really establish your right audience, that you would like to focus and therefore the quantity of items, which you need to be place the items in situ to realize these goals.

• More social media promoting to targeted teams

The most necessary shift here goes from the scale of your contact list to its contents. Rather than searching for a lot of folks, you ought to be searching for higher potential customers from your social networking efforts.

• More market awareness and feedback

New sales and conversions can be referred to as because the best ways that to gauge your on-line promoting effectiveness. However, you may realize variety of intercessor steps, which most of the companies don't like things like direct feedback returning from their shoppers, which truly will optimize of these links to their promoting chain. To place in easy words, it's perpetually an honest plan to raise your customers for what they're searching for so as to seek out the foremost valuable answers. In fact, you'd realize variety of how to urge the feedback from your customers or potential patrons found within the market. This can very assist you lots in creating some of significant changes to prosper in your business.

• More targeted outlay and coming up with

All of those different parts, of course, have a degree of your time and cash that need to be dedicated to them. But, again, a lot of corporation’s square measure simply selecting a budget variety that appears cheap then throwing resources within the general direction of net promoting. That is an affordable place to start out; however it's ne'er attending to maximize the effectiveness of your expenditures.

Your net promoting team ought to be operating with you to confirm that every one of it slow and cash is getting used within the best approach attainable. That does not simply take potency; however conjointly specialize in some measurable bottom-line goal.

About author: Joseph Porter is a freelance writer at study essay writing companies and the professionals helps for getting best dissertations for the academic students with over 14 year’s experience. He enjoys writing about current trends and innovations in education, technology and traveling.

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How to Make Social Media Working for Your Blog?

Integration of social media to a blog is rapidly on the increase. Any blogger who does not integrate their blog with some social media platform(s) risks failure. This is because people are shifting interactions to social media platforms. Having social media integrated into your blog makes it easier for your readers to interact with you, and with each other in an environment where they feel comfortable. Other benefits that you will enjoy once you integrate social media with your blog are that you will be able to identify target groups easily, you will have an easier time positioning your brand, you gain more credibility, you will be able to carry out market research in an easier way and you are able to advertise to an increased number of people with greater success.

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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Landing Pages?

Reducing the bounce rate on your landing pages is a very big deal. If people are bouncing from the first page they land on--then that is how it normally works. But, every single person that bounces is another bit of traffic that you ideally want to keep. What is the point of working so hard to get people onto your website if they are just going to leave a few seconds after arriving? In many ways, lowering your bounce rate can only be a good thing (at least in most cases). On the other hand, you do have to be prepared to scare a few people away if you are aiming for a certain target audience. Do not forget that you cannot be all things to all people. Here are some tips that with help reduce the bounce rate on your landing pages. Also, bounce rate impacts on the SEO of ther website. So, whether you do it yourself or hire a search engine optimization company from a list of top SEO companies in India then you should for best seo company in india

1 - Make sure your landing page addresses the reason the viewer visited

Your viewer arrived onto your landing page for a reason. You have made the first win, so you need to celebrate that win. You do not want to tell the person they did the right thing paying a visit or to keep marketing to them. They visited for a reason, so address that reason. If they wanted to know a price, then give it to them. If they wanted more information then show them a bit and give them links to where they can find much more (on your website of course).

2 - Remove pop-up ads, auto-start video and auto-start audio

Popup ads are as old as the Internet and they have been nothing but annoying since the beginning. If you want conversions then you do not start off by annoying people. It is the same as if you run a high street store, you do not jump out in front of people and ask them to push something to get rid of you, so don’t do it online.

As for auto-start video and audio, people will happily close down an entire browsing session if it means getting rid of the noise. It is as if you are assaulting people, and makes it appear as if their time is so meaningless to you that you will happily start blabbing on about something that they do not want. If you want conversions, then never do it--Ever!

3 - Give people plenty of navigation choice

If you do not give them enough, then they will naturally leave your website. Not giving people much choice is what scamming websites do, and people know this. Plus, there may even be a base instinct in there as people do not want to be penned in. Instead you need to give them choices with your navigation so that they may comfortably explore your website without feeling as if they are being railroaded.

You can do this, but if you want to start converting your traffic, then give them choices and make the one most profitable to you as the most appealing. Do not give them too much choice unless you are sure that at least 80% of the links are going to be of interest to the viewer. What you need to do is make some links obviously better than others, but in a subtle way that makes people think they are making their own choices.

4 - Make your page easy to skim read and very clear

If your page is too hard to skim read, then most people won’t even give it a chance and they will just bounce from your website. As odd as it sounds, having to read your content word for word without knowing much about it is something that most people are not willing to do. They are just going to skim read a page and look for important factors. If they cannot find them, then they bounce. It is up to you to make sure your page has a very easy-to-skim-read format so that people may find points that interest them.

5 - Make sure your landing page renders and loads quickly

The analytic system used by yourself may measure if a page bounce occurs before or after the page starts to render. There are very few people who know for sure if Google measures bounce rates from the point of rendering or before. Suffice it to say that it is not worth the risk of having a page take its time to render.

Slow loading times are not as much of a problem these days as they were prior to faster processors, more RAM and broadband DSL Internet. But, slow render times are certainly a problem. If a person has to stare at a blank page of white for more than a few seconds then that person is going to bounce. If you were planning on making a sale or getting a loyal viewer out of your landing page, then this is not the way to do it.

Take the time to lower your loading times, but above all, make sure that your page is rendering quickly. This means you need to bug tests your web pages routinely (if you update often) and it means you need to test them with cross compatibility tools.

Author: Kate Funk is a freelance writer at aussiessay. She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.

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What the Hummingbird brings?

In September 2013 Google officially presented new search algorithm called “Hummingbird”, though in fact the bird have been making a nest in a search system during a whole month before official premiere. As Hummingbird is a search algorithm with a fundamentally new approach of processing complex phrases in search queries. Unfortunately, Google developers keep in secret the technical principles of the algorithm, so we can only guess and try to adapt the text content for the new algorithm. What we know for sure is that the changes in the content should be done shortly in order to adapt websites to new algorithm and save high rates.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of a new algorithm will make significant changes in the policy of sites promotion, especially in the quality of content. Relevance, quality and depth of content should be now taken into account. Short articles "stuffed with" key words are the first positive steps that send a website to the back of the SERP. In order to take the most advantageous position, one should adhere to the following strategy:

1. Extend and adapt the selection of keywords using a variety of advanced options for the same phrase.
As a rule, those who use voice search, use longer phrases. For example: "How can I quickly get to ...", "Where is the best place to buy...", "Where can I go on a Saturday evening in the city ..." and so on. Thus, we should think over and apply all possible variants that can be used by potential visitors.

2. Use related words and a maximum number of synonyms.
Most relevant articles posted on the site will be determined not only by keywords, but also accompanying phrases and synonyms. In other words, if the user types in a word synonymous with the good or service you offer, Hummingbird will lead customers to your web site as well. The search engine gives results not only by key words typed into the search string, but also according to synonyms. This gives you an opportunity to be on top even through synonyms, and not just direct key words. In order to determine which synonyms Google « understands», you only should pay attention to those options that are displayed on the screen while you type words into the search string.

3. Take measures to get your content quoted or referred to by other web resources.
Whenever your website is referenced, the link to your resource is used or the website is mentioned together with competing resources (websites on similar subjects), it will be an evidence for Google that your companies or web sites are connected with each other. It’s great when competitors have considerable authority, and your website is mentioned along with them, your position automatically grows.

4. Thoroughly analyze texts for links that are used to promote a web resource.
Probably everyone knows that the links which have words related to the topic of the web site are much more attractive for search engines. Therefore, they should be used extensively. To create natural links it is important to use keywords together with their synonyms.

5. Pay attention to the universal search algorithm.
It is quite logical that Hummingbird is more focused on the issue of universal results. For example, if the user types in "cook lasagna yourself", it is logical to give instructional video immediately. Orientation on Universal Search provides huge advantages to not only attract new visitors, but also to outmarket the competitors. These are several tips how to do it: - Choose the images for Google Images;
- To determine what kind of results connected to your products or service emerges in a search string;
- Create high-quality video content and optimize it for YouTube;

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SEO Strategies for Local Business Marketing

SEO definition
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process for improving one’s visibility website in the search engines
  • SEO is the best tool to use for enterprise such as a small business which has a website. Search engine
  • optimization, therefore, is a way to enable site in list of search results on the top. More often than not, when one searches for anything using the search engine, he or she opens the first page then checks the content on the first few sites.
  • There are more visitors on the top ranked sites, which make the content be known by many people. This is so appropriate for small businesses that deal with local and also international customers. This link strategy is among the best SEO small businesses strategies.
Linking strategy
  • The main goal of linking strategy is to make links to the businesses site targeted at commercial traffic or market that is interested in the products and services, which finally convert to better volume sales.
  • The capability of links and their respective values measurement led to the making the site Google, which is among the leading site in search engines. It all begun with Page Rank as called by Google.
  • Mathematical models are used in this Rank to evaluate websites by considering incoming links. Higher rankings were awarded to sites with relevant links and with more authority.
Usage of keywords
  • SEO is also done by using keywords. Businesses usually have articles posted on-line explaining about their businesses using imperative keywords, closely related to the products and services of the business.
  • Updating of the site is a very good SEO strategy for the business. An enterprise website must not in any way be stagnant. It should have updates like news and also articles. When the site is updated, business owners will be in a position to explain to their loyal customers as well as prospective clients about sales, promos, discounts and any other special offers that will come along the way.
Professional help and social media
  • Obtaining professional help is also a way to optimize the web page. There are institutions and companies that offer SEO services and are solely responsible for clients stuff. The client asks the company or institution that made the website if they are in a position to provide the additional services.
  • Social network such as Twitter and Facebook can aid in optimization of one’s site, especially when page for the business is created. It is usually free and one can give a link for the website on his or her social site. It is easy to maintain as well as to update social media accounts.
Local SEO in the recent past has increasingly become very popular. Statistics indicate that more than 97 percent of clients search in the internet for local businesses. More than 90 percent of engine market search constitute Yahoo, Bing and Google.

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4 reasons why advertising budgets are too big and how to solve this problem

The calculation of the budget of the campaign can sometimes be one of the most important tasks for online marketing specialist. Overspending advertising budget noticed at the end of the campaign means that your client will have to pay extra money, and in some cases even the marketing specialist has cover the entire shortfall.

On the other hand, to finish the advertising campaign still having some money is also not very good, as it shows that you have missed some important opportunities. In both cases, we can see an inappropriate planning of spending. This is a mistake that most beginners do, and nobody wants this happen with him/her.

Choosing the right tempo of the campaign is challenging and many different factors should be taken into account. There are four main factors influencing the successful budget spending.

1. Predictable "ups and downs"

Search is always unpredictable, and even if we can predict something, it is not quite accurate. But there are things that happen regularly enough and we can take them into account.

First, as in any other business there exist seasonal changes in the search (for example, winter is a peak time for search on the keyword "snowboard" and this word is not so popular during other three seasons). Naturally, over time, any product can become obsolete or out of fashion, then we will see low interest of customers. It is important to remember that sales slowdown will not happen all of a sudden but will develop gradually.

If you have started some kind of a large advertising campaign online or offline then "season factor" can seriously affect its course. Fortunately, it is easy to foresee. However, there are other specific circumstances for each particular case.

For example, our client works in the field of show business, he sells tickets for his concert . From the experience of previous campaigns for such clients we know that when fixing a timetable for the search volume we should note that the rate for the three weeks prior to the start of the concert will go up quickly, and ten days after the concert will go down. With this knowledge, we will always be able to use our advertising budget more effectively.

2. Unpredictable "ups and downs"

Let’s remember recent events connected with the death of Michael Jackson. There appeared so many search inquiries including the name of the singer in Google that the companies initially thought of hackers. Now imagine that you are selling something connected with the name of Michael Jackson and have not set maximum limits of the budget for your account, within 12 hours your entire monthly budget would have simply disappeared. Or imagine that you have a very limited budget and missed the opportunity to sell something to his real fans.

Another example, if the company appears in the center of a scandal, its traffic from the will increase in several times, but most users will search for "[name of company] scandal". You will have to take measures in order to get rid of such bad quality traffic. These crazy and unpredictable "ups and downs" taking place during advertising campaigns occur quite often.

3. Big advertising campaign

Hundreds of thousands of keywords at the same time promoting in three and more search systems, hundreds of projects at the same time, thousands of ad groups it’s hard to keep in mind everything. Especially if there are promotional campaigns developing at the same time, bringing new products on the market, etc. Too many dynamic components, it is sometimes difficult to cope with all this.

4. Technical problems

One of the most popular questions among beginners sounds like this: "Why did my last campaign go beyond the budget?" Well, as everyone knows, the upper limit of daily advertising budget as solid as a wet napkin.

The financial policy of Google is as follows: your daily budget can not be exceeded more than 30 times over 30 days. For example, if during the first day of the campaign expenses from your account exceeded the daily limit for $20, the next days you can spend $20 less to compensate for the exceeding the limit.

As we can see, even Google can not stay within the limits of advertising campaign budget. They have such a huge amount of advertisement that it is virtually impossible to calculate everything to the cent. As already mentioned, Google will not take more than you have on advertising account. But it will barely help, if there are more than one advertising companies in one account.

How to make right calculations of costs

You must take into account not only your own income, but also payments made for third party. For example, for "SEM management platform" should take 2-5% of media costs also do not forget about such useful tools as Gooroo, SpyFu, etc., which are not free of charge .

All these details should be taken into account when calculating your cost. All additional costs for third-party payment should be considered separately from your own income. Calculation of advertising costs is individual in each case. Sometimes spending is calculated daily, but usually weekly.

In most cases, the advertising budget is distributed evenly for the whole period of advertising campaign, in this case it is very easy to track percentage of the budget already used and how much is left.

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